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Photograph by William Alsup


Simply the World: Astrology & Poetry


The Outside Lands: Astrology & Taboo

by John P O'Grady

In these two papers, John P. O'Grady (PhD) considers the nature of astrology,
approaching it from what can perhaps best be characterised as a poetic perspective.

John has been studying and practicing astrology for more than twenty-five years. A college professor now on extended sabbatical, he first came to astrology during an intense period of research on the work of psychologist Carl Jung.  After earning his Ph.D in English at the University of California, Davis, O'Grady served for many years as a full-time Professor of Literature and Environmental Studies, all the while continuing his study and practice of astrology. During this period he authored books and published essays in magazines such as The Quest, Common Boundary, and Terra Nova.  Today he maintains a professional astrological practice in San Francisco.

John's Website is:

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