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Interview with the Researchers - Expanded Version

From the link below you can download a pdf file containing an expanded version of the interview which is contained in chapters 9 and 10 of 'Year Zero'.  With 11 of the questions & answers being longer, and 64 entirely new exchanges, this is quite a bit longer than the published version!

To download the file, use the link below.  Right-click and select 'Save target as...'.  The file is 1.05mb in size so will take a few minutes to download, but once done you will have a copy on your computer which you can always refer to.


If you are not already familiar with pdf files: they are accessed using Adobe's 'Acrobat' software, and are increasingly becoming the standard for e-publications. The 'Reader' version of this program is freeware. To download a copy, click on the Acrobat icon below:


Acknowledgements and thanks to Rudolf Smit for rendering the interview in pdf format.